Tuesday 28 August 2012

Magic Box - Lovebirds

Well I'm still here!
Hope you will forgive my 'long time no blog'.
I've been busy making boxes but don't always get the time to photograph them.
This box was commissioned by Gloria for her daughter's wedding earlier this year.

The theme of the wedding was lovebirds.
Gloria wanted a hidden message tag within the box.
I made a hidden compartment under the lid (flower) panel.
This held a small 'tag book' with a beautiful message from
Mum and Dad.
The book was bound using iridescent cord and a mother of pearl heart - pull the cord and the book slides from its hidden compartment.
The roses match the ones in the bride's bouquet.
Ivory tipped with maroon.

There had to be a cage with lovebirds inside.
I couldn't find a bird cage die small enough...
...so I adapted my memory box
'wraught iron gate' die instead. 
I had to draw and cut out the lovebirds by hand -
I wouldn't want to do that too often - boy are they small
(smaller than my fingernail)!
Thank you for your emails and messages you are wonderful!  


  1. How wonderful that you are back - was getting worried and have missed you.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful box :)

  2. Wow Elaine - what a stunning creation. The hidden tag book is a wonderful addition, and the Roses and bird cage are awesome. Truly a keepsake to treasure forever.
    Welcome back to blogland too!
    Sylvia xx

  3. what a wonderful box, with so many wonderful details.
    LG Sandra

  4. Hi Elaine -

    This is exquisite! What a special gift. I'm so glad you are back, missed you.

    Elaine Allen

  5. Glad to see you back - I was wondering if the blog might just up and disappear one day but Wow! Gorgeous! Beautiful! So excited to see new creations from you.

  6. Ciao Elaine...
    I have seen your blog one year ago where I founded your super beautiful magic-boxes. You have inspired me...
    soon Ada from Italy...
    excuse me but my english is not beautiful

  7. Hi Elaine,
    it's soooo good to hear from you.
    I really missed your beautiful boxes.
    Love the one you are showing this time. All the little details.....awesome.

  8. So glad to see you blogging again. A beautiful creation and the hidden book is a lovely idea. I am sure this was very much appreicated. Elaine x

  9. Wonderfull box!
    Glad to see you back!

  10. This is so beautiful Elaine, gorgeous work, so detailed and just so pretty.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  11. Glad to see you back - this is a stunning box.
    Kath x

  12. Absolutely stunning! The hidden tag is just brilliant! Glad you're back again, have missed seeing your amazing creations.

    Lynne x

  13. oh wow, so pleased you are back - love that new post and the box for the wedding - lovely. Don't leave it so long in future. Thanks for sharing.

    Gilly x

  14. Oh Elaine As you can see you have been missed and a few of us were getting very worried me included, Hope all is ok and welcome back....Now I must add this design to my Pinterest board along with the other examples, be prepared for the increased traffic.....

  15. Очаровательная коробочка! Идея с открыткой интересная.

  16. I am glad that you are back.The box is wawwwwwwwww:)

  17. This box is absolutely stunning!! I can only imagine the bride's delight to receive something so beautiful!! It's great to see you posting again Elaine. :)

  18. Oh my...this is such an amazing creation, Elaine. Positively stunning! I am new to your site and I'm just in awe of your magic boxes! Each one is done with such care and detail - I can only imagine how much love and joy went into creating each one. What a special gift and wonderful memory! (p.s. Love the little hidden message!!)

  19. This wedding box is exquisite!! Every detail perfect ...and your drawing of the little birds and the "cage" was just the right touch:) There can be no question that this lovely box will be treasured!

  20. Beautiful box! Yours is the most stunning I have ever seen. Is there a tutorial? My step-daughter is getting married in April I would love to attempt to make one. I could start practicing now and maybe it would look ok to give it to her by the wedding!! LOL


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