Friday 21 September 2012

Magic Box - Miniature Broomstick Tutorial

This is really easy and very messy to make so don't
have a go if you've just had your nails done!
It's a great size to add as a spooky embellishment
on the front of a card
1) one paper clip
2) one length if kitchen towel -
(torn to about 20mm (0.75 inch) wide)
3) one length of brown paper (35mm wide x 170mm long
(1.4inches wide x 6.5inches long)
4) PVA Glue
5) distressing inks 'forest moss' & 'brushed corduroy'
6) short length of sewing cotton
7) paint brush
8) crystal glitter to highlight (optional)
9) Ranger 'Glue N seal' to finish (optional)
1) Start with your paper clip and straighten it out.
 2a) Cut it to around 70mm (2.75inches) long
2b) Give it a 'witchy bend' or two
3) Dab your inks onto a waterproof surface -
I've used a glass coaster here.
4a) Squeeze some PVA glue onto the ink
and mix the colours into it.
You don't need as much glue as this -
my nozzle popped off!!!
4b) Drag the kitchen towel through to
load it with the mix.
5) Bind the paper clip to the end
and back again.
Don't worry if it hangs off either end
you can trim when it's dry
6) Clean the glue off your surface
and apply more ink.
Roll the 'broom handle to and fro to pick up
more colour.
This is best done before the 'handle' dries.
note: You can also pick up the ink on a paintbrush
to cover any stubborn recesses (clean your
brush straight after).
7) Ink up your length of brown paper -
using the same colours as before.
8) Allow to dry, or blast dry with a heat gun,
then cut fine strips across the full length.
8a) Be sure to leave about 15mm (0.6 of an inch)
uncut along the top.
9a) Cut fine slits across the other (top) side
leaving about 6mm (0.25 inches) uncut
9b) You don't have to do this all the way along
about three quarters of the length
then trim off from there
10) Run some glue down the uncut area and,
starting with the trimmed end (shown in 9b), 
roll the paper length tightly onto the 'broom handle'
11) This is how it should look
12) Run your length of cotton through some ink 
to colour it.
Apply glue to the uncut area of your 'broom'
and wind the cotton tightly round. 
13) When the glue has dried snip into the broom
you're aiming to make the 'bristles' irregular in length 
14) Scrunch the 'bristles' to make tem untidy -
think 'bed head' hair style (scruffier the better)!
Fan out the short bristles - 
(along the top, nearest the handle).
 You can highlight with crystal glitter or
just varnish with something like Rangers 'Glue N Seal'
It has a matte finish but gives a nice gentle glow.
Hope you give it a go and thanks for popping by!


  1. Thank you for the Tutorial, i will have a go at it.
    We need some Autumn decorations at my work.

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. That looks fantastic, Elaine! I look forward to seeing the whole box. Love the colours of Autumn. I will have to have a play when I get back. Sorry if I haven't commented in a while. I am really struggling with blogger's new word verification. I tend to give up after 5 or 6 goes

  3. Nice job...thanks for all the steps, we will have to start one now. Great post!

  4. Kittie sent me! I love this! Off to explore your blog.

  5. Hi Elaine!
    Georgeous! I love your work.
    Have a nice day
    and all the best


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