Tuesday 28 August 2012

Magic Box - Lovebirds

Well I'm still here!
Hope you will forgive my 'long time no blog'.
I've been busy making boxes but don't always get the time to photograph them.
This box was commissioned by Gloria for her daughter's wedding earlier this year.

The theme of the wedding was lovebirds.
Gloria wanted a hidden message tag within the box.
I made a hidden compartment under the lid (flower) panel.
This held a small 'tag book' with a beautiful message from
Mum and Dad.
The book was bound using iridescent cord and a mother of pearl heart - pull the cord and the book slides from its hidden compartment.
The roses match the ones in the bride's bouquet.
Ivory tipped with maroon.

There had to be a cage with lovebirds inside.
I couldn't find a bird cage die small enough...
...so I adapted my memory box
'wraught iron gate' die instead. 
I had to draw and cut out the lovebirds by hand -
I wouldn't want to do that too often - boy are they small
(smaller than my fingernail)!
Thank you for your emails and messages you are wonderful!