Thursday 7 May 2009

Origami Box with Wrap Lid - Tutorial

This is a tutorial for UK A4 squared but I have tried to explain the principle so it can be applied to any size.
I am aware that Mothers Day is happening in the US, Canada, Australia and many countries this weekend, so am posting this now. I hope the instructions are not too gobble-di-gook!
Despite the long tutorial this box is actually very quick to make, (once you've grasped the principle) so please do have a go.


Open the two pages above, by clicking on them, then 'image save'.

Instructions in Brief
Make the box first - from a square of good quality paper.
Make the wrap from good quality, heavy weight card.
Wrap length: is the same measurement as the paper used to make the box.
Wrap width: is 20mm (7/8") wider than the finished box width.
Score lines on wrap:
1) Mark the centre of the wrap (lengthwise).
2) Measure the height of the finished box.
3) Mark the box height measurement - half either side of the centre point.
If you want to colour tint, stamp or round corners of the wrap - do this before attaching to the box.
Add panels or 3D embellishments after attaching to the box.

This was a 'New Technique Challenge' on Splitcoaststampers.
Here's the link:

For more examples of origami boxes check out my January postings and Splitcoaststampers Gallery - (there are some fabulous boxes here!)

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  1. Beautiful covered box Elaine! love the colors on this! Thanks for all the details!

  2. what a cute little box... amazing... thanks for the details!!

    take care xoxo

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  4. hello elaine...

    thank you for your loveley comments...
    i am speechless... sure you can link my blog... that means, ive got to start n write everything down in english too... lol... but that shouldnt be a prob...

    take care xoxo
    luv, bianca

  5. Elaine:
    Your tutorial is awesome! You have simplified the steps and given perfect visuals to allow anyone to complete a perfect project!!

    You rock!
    US Sis

  6. That you for this tutorial! I am about to venture into making a BUNCH of them to fill fun little items as RAKs. Can hardly wait!!

  7. Hi Elaine
    I have just become your 100th follower and I didn't think (as usual) to ask first or don't you have to ask to follow someone blog?
    I made my first origami box yesterday (obviously not as good as yours)
    thanks for the great info.
    Jaycie (Jean)

  8. WOW Jean - 100th member!!!

    You don't need to ask, I'm so privileged that everyone has taken the time and interest to join.

    Maybe I should get my head around blog candy next!

    Balloons and party poppers to you Jean and a BIG, BIG thank you to everyone.

    Elaine x

  9. Gorgeous and I love the tutorial too!


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