Saturday 21 November 2009

Hexagonal Gift Box - Jewelled Blooms

I've recently been playing with gift boxes and flowers.
I'm sorry but the colour of this box is very 'punchy' so you may need your sunglasses.
I think I'm missing summer already, I really do hate these dark, wintry days!

(Put sunglasses on first)

The box measures 45mm high x 85mm wide.
(1 3/4" high x 3 3/8" wide).
I inked the edges of the box and lid with VersaColor 'Burgundy' ink.

The flower centres are made using the Woodware punch 'Splat' - I love that name, sounds like it's straight out of a comic book!
A snowflake punch would work too but it wouldn't sound half so good.

I've included a printable template for the flowers at the end of this post.

Here's how I made them:
I printed the template onto 'Stampin-Up' orange card and cut out two large (layered them together for extra dimension), one medium and one small flower

1)  Using the rounded end of a Sakura gel pen I curled the petals by running the pen from centre to tip of each petal a few times. I used my Wizard embossing mat for support.
2)  Using a small embossing tool I scored three lines on each petal.
3)  I inked the petals lightly, using a piece of sponge and VersaColor Burgundy ink then dabbed the ink pad directly onto the petal tips (to give more depth of colour) and blended using the sponge.
4 & 5)  I curled the petals even more by holding each petal between my thumb and a pricking tool handle and rolling up.
6)  Using the Woodware 'splat' (did I tell you I love that name) punch, I punched from copper mirror board then applied gemstones.
7) Finally I attached this to the flower centre - simply glued it.

The Leaves:
Three layers of fantasy film with some fantasy fibre sandwiched between and ironed to fuse.
The leaves were punched using the Woodware grass punch.
I dimensioned by running my thumbnail down the centre of each leaf and nipping the tips.

Flower - A4 Sheet Download
Click on the image to bring it to full size then save.

There's a downloadable template for this box on 'crafticious'.

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Another beautiful box, and I love the bright colours, really cheerful on these horrible dull days. The flowers are gorgeous.

  2. Honestly, you are the Queen of Boxes! This is a stunner, and I think the color is so beautiful! Those flowers are just so elegant and gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me. Best, Curt

  3. Wow! I love the colours. It's a ray of tropical sunshine. Thanks for the tips on the flowers... think I need another punch for the middles!

  4. Another georgeous box, with pretty details, as always!

    Have a great day! Hugs, Lena

    PS! A new challenge blog is born - Sketchy Colors

  5. Hi Elaine
    I found your blog yesterday whilst looking for ideas for an exploding box for my future daughter in law and was blown away by your work. Everthing here is so exquisitely beautiful and so skillfully done, it inspired me to have a go. Thanks so much for sharing such inspiration.
    x Michelle

  6. another great tutorial elaine xx
    debbie xxx

  7. Thanks for visiting Elaine, I did have the flowers and the butterflies already made, I make a stock of flowers when I don't feel like concentrating on anything too demanding!
    x Michelle

  8. I forgot to put the sunglasses on! But I basked in the brillance of this beautiful creation -- it is another "magic box" and thanks so much for sharing your methods -- I want a "splat" punch now!

  9. hi elaine,not sure if i've posted on your blog before but i do come over every now and then to look at your georgous boxes :) i've given you a n award-it's on my blog :)

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  12. Hi Everyone

    JUST TO LET YOU KNOW THAT THE ABOVE DELETED MESSAGE WAS A 'SPAM' (someone leaving a 'nonsense' comment in order to link to their site).

    It's a time waster and can be very dangerous - some have a virus link!

    If you have this happening on your blog don't just delete - REPORT IT - and they will be removed from blogger. Here's the link to report it:

    If the above link isn't 'active' just copy and paste into your browser.

    It's very quick and easy to do - lets stamp them out!!!

    Elaine X

  13. Dear Elaine

    occasionally I landed on your blog and didn't want to go without writing you a word. I very like the artwork you do and am sure to take a look again from time to time.

    By the way, right now I have a Christmas Candy to give away, if you like try your luck;

    Love from Karina

  14. Stunning! Beautiful job on the flowers!

  15. Arghhhhhhh - my eyes they burn!!!

    OMGosh - I have just happened upon your blog and am stunned by how beautiful your items are!

    Wow - am gonna follow so I soak up the beauty!

    OK - was that OTT????


  16. Totally stunning and I love the colour! How come I never find vibrant tones like this?


  17. Hello!

    I wanted to wish you a lovely and happy holiday with your family!

    Your creations remain the most beautiful magic boxes that I have ever seen! Thank you for your inspiration and sharing of their beauty!

    Barbara Diane

  18. Hey Kiddo! I wanted to be sure to stop by and wish you and your Mom a very Merry Christmas and everything wonderful for the coming New Year. I hope you and your family are well, safe, and warm on this Christmas Eve. Best to you and yours! Curt

  19. Came by today to wish you a HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! Hope you are well! My best to you and your family! Curt

  20. fantastic work !!

    i love your boxes !!

    kiki :)

  21. Dear Elaine

    I am so happy to have found your blog. OMG my poor heart... Each of your box is a masterpiece and I honestly can't decide which one is the most beautiful. I LOVE them all and would immediately take them! *lol* Thank you for your inspiration and for giving me so much joy with your creations! Is it ok if I link your blog on mine?

    BIG hugs and have a great week

  22. I have just come across your wonderful blog. What inspiration! Totally amazing works of art. I will be popping by a lot now I have found you. Linda.

  23. Hello Elaine,

    Your boxes are magnificent. Alot of work I image but well worth every minute, I mean look at the results. I may have to try one of these perhaps with fairies. Thanks so much for sharing.


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